Hello. The site is run from Perth in Western Australia, where we enjoy the sunniest climate in the world, they say. The name I am using to operate the site is Roger Talbot, very close to my full passport name. I am from England originally. I was born again of the Spirit of God (it brings you almost to tears just to think of the wonder of it!) in 1969 at a boy’s camp in Somerset in the west of England. I had an agricultural background, but like my father was capable academically and I studied English language and Literature at Cambridge University (I am saying this to demonstrate some credentials; unfortunately it is true what they say – Q. When you send a devil to university, what do you get? A. A clever devil. Education is a mixed blessing!)

My passageway into mature Christian living was far from easy and it is for this reason that over the years I have read a wide range of Christian books, substantially aimed at progressing into real intimacy with God; for some of us this would mean finding satisfactory answers to the great spread of questions a curious and wide-ranging mind will come up with; hence the range of interests in this website. I am not a scholar and have no pretensions in that direction but am happy to acknowledge the real thing when I encounter it; the website makes some recommendations along those lines and I am happy to promote good scholarship, but this is not a particular goal; I want to help the ordinary reader – one like myself.

I was baptised in the Holy Spirit at the age of about 25. This opened a new chapter in life and set me further on the course which led among things to the start of this site. I have seen numbers of dramatic healings and wonders accomplished by our God and found my way to Perth in 1996 which is where I am involved in church life. My particular interest at present is with a group called Perth Prayer; it is quite wonderful what God does and is doing and will do in the lives of people who call upon his name, and it highly desirable that more and more people have the opportunity to do so in truth. ‘The Good News we brought came to you not only with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with much assurance’ (1 Thess 1.5)