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Elsewhere in this site you will find something of an introduction to books by HA Baker. His grandson is Rolland Baker, married to Heidi Baker, and together they initiated what is now Iris Global Ministries, centred in Mozambique but with connected ministries around the world.

Here I will mention books by the Bakers, Compelled by Love, Learning to Love, The Hungry always get fed, Birthing the Miraculous; and then a book by a close associate Michelle Perry, Love has a Face.

Before  a very brief look at these books, which are very consistent in content and message, a preliminary point. TL Osborn  was the pre-eminent “world evangelist” of last century. He said something like the following: “I have seen the Pentecostal revival, then I saw the Healing Revival, then the Charismatic Revival, the Teaching Revival, the Faith Revival, but there is one thing I haven’t seen, but I believe it will come before Jesus returns, and that is the Love Revival. O, how we need the Love Revival.” Well these books and this type of ministry are that Love Revival in action!

I will add that I am currently spending time watching Youtube recordings of Heidi centred around the idea ‘Soaking in God’s Glory’. She is very passionate and the music, particularly featuring violin, calls deeply into the heart. Alongside this is that in this setting she speaks repeatedly on John 15, the True Vine, and to me this is really ‘it’ for the heart of Christian faith. My comment is that this movement (for lack of a better word) is very focused on Jesus.

Although the Bakers and people like them or with them are happy speaking to crowds, that is not the modus operandi  described in these books. The Bakers’ ministry has mostly been to marginalized, the poorest of the poor, firstly in Asia and then latterly in Mozambique; “loving the person in front of you” summarizes their activities, in Mozambique starting with children on the rubbish dump, taking in orphans. Although the Bakers both have PhD’s, their ministry is simply about weak people putting themselves in the hands of Jesus and loving people, and Jesus proves himself very able!

Part of the story is a very strong encounter with God at the Toronto revival centre, and prophecy from Randy Clark, and this was a prelude to tremendous miracles in Mozambique. Healing miracles abound and so do miracles of food multiplication . . . normal parts of the Jesus life . . . wonderful, but the theme throughout the books is simply loving Jesus and loving the person in front of you. Wonderfully simple, and much of it to do with children. The love of God then spills out across the country, with thousands upon thousands of churches . . . Some of the books are in the style of diaries, chronicling various events in the ongoing outreach; Birthing the Miraculous is keyed to Scripture.

Michelle Perry, a woman with one leg, went to war-torn South Sudan and started a home for orphaned children. The way God meets others as she makes herself available makes her book a must read. A particularly memorable story concerns a very little girl who came to their home (not orphanage because they are not orphans any more!); she was so hurt and wounded that at every opportunity she would creep away to the muddiest, dirtiest, nastiest corner of the compound and lie down in the mud and cry. How was she to be reached? Eventually, Michelle decided that she had only one option – to lie down in the mud with her – all day. For several days. On the second day, the girl would allow Michelle to hold her little hand . . . and she slowly began to realize she was safe . . .

None of the writers presents themselves as a great person of faith; indeed there are times of severe sickness and near despair. This weakness serves only to magnify God’s delivering love, Jesus.

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