Short quotations

Here is a typical Richard Wurmbrand thought from The total blessing #23

The sense of prayer is to bring to God’s remembrance things he has known from time immemorial. Like every unselfish being, the one he forgets most is himself. Therefore our prayers should begin with the words ‘Hallowed be thy name’. Usually they start with the request ‘Do something for me’, which is not right. He needs most to be reminded of himself and his Kingdom.

From the same book, #31

I once saw a performance of an old classical Japanese dance.Its subject was a young king of such beauty that wherever he appeared all activity stopped. No one could do anything but hold their breath while gazing at the king’s splendour. His appearance negated the possibility of a normal existence for anyone else. His subjects could no longer love one another because they compared their neighbours unfavourably with the beautiful king. For the good of his citizens, then, the young king had to wear an ugly mask.

Do you understand the significance of this story? Could human relations and falling in love and the world itself exist if we were able to see our God in all his majesty? He too had to wear an ugly mask by taking the form of sin-sick humanity. In the person of Jesus, God appeared among us with ‘no form nor comeliness’. He had ‘no beauty that we should desire him…We esteemed him not’ (Isaiah 53.2-3). Thus he made it possible for us to esteem one another’s beauty and desire after the love of our fellows.

Think about this story. It might help you somewhat to make peace with the existence of evil in a world created by a good God.

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